The Art Deco style of interior design, which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, was short-lived, but it left a lasting imprint on the design world.

The birth of Art Deco can be traced back to the 1925 Paris Exhibition of Modern Art. The aim at the time was to create a new direction in design that was modern, luxurious and reflective of technological and cultural change.

The highly decorative style captivated the world with its geometric patterns, elaborate ornamentation, metal and glass elements, bright colours and luxurious details.

Art Deco’ s hard times came with the Great Depression and the threat of World War II, and after the war it was replaced by Modernism. However, from the 1950s onwards, Art Deco was revived as a source of inspiration for modern design.

Art Deco interior style: luxury and elegance

Art Deco is characterised by symmetrical geometric patterns in strict shapes, luxurious materials and high-quality interior details. Multi-coloured metals – silver, gold and chrome – add a dazzling sparkle to the Art Deco style. Extravagant decorative elements, ornate furniture and mirrors against a backdrop of dark, deep shades such as black, dark blue and emerald green create an intensely sophisticated look.

Marble, glass, chrome and polished wooden surfaces add a sense of luxury and texture. Wall coverings are characterised by carved plaster reliefs or geometric wall hangings and wallpapers. Bright and contrasting carpets with geometric patterns and luxurious fabrics used for curtains or upholstery are important elements of Art Deco style.

Art Deco chandeliers are extravagant, highly decorative, with abstract, geometric shapes. Crystal, shiny metals create a spectacular light effect.

Today, the Art Deco interior style is appreciated for its unique elegance, expressive geometric shapes and luxury. Art Deco design offers a wide range of creative possibilities. You can experiment with colours, materials and shapes to create a luxurious yet sophisticated space.

How to implement Art Deco in a modern home?

Colour palette: bright and rich colours are commonly used in contemporary Art Deco design. Shiny gold and silver details are combined with rich black, blue, red or emerald green colours. This colour palette creates contrast and adds vitality to the interior.

Furniture: Art Deco furniture uses high-quality materials and is characterised by geometric elements, metal and glass details and rounded shapes. Bold accents on the furniture, such as carved ornaments or chrome-plated finishes, add elegance.

Glass and metal are essential elements of Art Deco design. Crystal chandeliers with distinctive shapes, mirrors with geometric frames, chrome or gold finishes are all perfect for Art Deco interiors.

Carpets and floors: choose carpets with expressive patterns and geomtric ornamentation. Marble or other luxurious stone surfaces also complement the Art Deco design aesthetic.

Details and accessories: decorative details and accessories are a key feature of Art Deco. High-quality artwork, vases with geometric shapes, statuettes in shiny metal and other exquisite details can be the perfect complement to your interior.

Textiles and fabrics: Silk, taffeta and other high-quality textiles are perfect for contemporary Art Deco interiors.

The Art Deco style, which has retained its elegant character, allows you to combine luxury and modernity in a contemporary interior, giving it a distinctive look. Above all, feel free to experiment with colours, shapes and textures to create a unique space in your home.

Article and photos by interior designer Dovilė Švilpienė