Luxury interior styles not only showcase luxury and exclusivity, but also create a cosy and elegant home atmosphere. These styles are characterised by a high level of attention to design solutions, the highest quality materials and subtle details that create a luxurious living space.

Classical interior design reflects the elegance of historical periods such as the Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance, and is characterised by expensive textiles, high-quality furniture with ornaments and ornate elements. Ceilings and wall decorations, ornate marble or parquet floors, and abundant light sources are the main features of the classical style.

Art Deco style is a fusion of classic luxury and modernity. This particularly extravagant and striking design trend is characterised by geometric shapes, high-quality materials, crystal, multi-coloured shiny metal accents and colour contrasts.

The Neoclassical style draws on design elements from ancient Greek and Roman cultures, but modernises and updates them. Neoclassicism is characterised by high columns, ornate wall hangings, furniture cornices and illuminated niches. Luxurious materials, marble and hardwood are used.

Modern luxury design incorporates contemporary design trends while retaining elements of luxury. Minimalist décor, high-quality materials, light shades and clean lines are at the heart of Modern Luxury. Technological innovation and exclusive design solutions are central to this style.

As an interior style, eclecticism harmoniously and stylishly combines elements from different interior styles. Eclectic design creates unique spaces that are full of individuality and luxury, and that incorporate elements from different eras, cultures and aesthetics.

Luxury interior design styles are diverse, but they all aim to create a space where luxury, elegance and exclusivity are combined with comfort and functionality. High-quality materials, distinctive design elements and the influence of personal taste create a luxurious interior that is timeless.

Article and photos by interior designer Dovilė Švilpienė