When the outside sets the tone: timeless interiors in a historic building.

The building’s exterior and its location have also dictated the timeless interior style of the apartments. The 120 square metre apartment in the attic of the historic building is characterised by its unconventional spatial structure, with arched windows and vaulted ceilings that reach 5 metres in the main space. The modern classical interior, created by designer Dovilė Švilpienė, is distinguished by its subtle luxury and natural finishing materials – marble table tops, natural oak floors, Murano glass chandeliers.

Inside, the historic building has been completely renovated, allowing for the most advanced installation technologies.

The clients had no preconceived ideas and trusted the designer’s solutions – yet modern 3D design and visualisation technologies allow them to see the future interior well before the finishing touches begin.

In the main space of the house, the functional areas are arranged in a triangular layout, framed on two sides by arched windows reaching to the ground. At the different corners of this triangle are the kitchen with a spacious island, the dining table and the lounge area.

The main task of an interior designer is to harmonise complex spatial structures and create a sense of unity in the interior. In order to avoid the visual effect of a loft, the walls and ceilings were painted in the same off-white colour, and all the cabinetry was designed to integrate with the existing ceiling slopes and niches. The accents and decors are the interior fittings – chandeliers, paintings, carpets, wall hangings.

In interiors, a great deal of attention is paid to lighting and its different scenarios, combining different variations of open and concealed lighting to create the desired mood.

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