Harmony of art and design in a seaside apartment. Modern classics surrounded by pine trees.

The concept of this interior was dictated by the environment itself – it is a holiday apartment in one of the most luxurious complexes in Palanga. I wanted people to feel like they were staying in a 5-star hotel.

My brief for the interior design of the apartment was to create a functional home that was at the same time very aesthetically pleasing and uncluttered. I wanted to integrate all the elements necessary for a comfortable home as subtly as possible, without breaking up the integrity of the space, but rather connecting it organically. I designed a decorative panel covering the sides of the kitchen and hallway cupboards on either side of the partition, making the furniture almost invisible. I chose a colour close to white for the kitchen and hallway cabinets, blending in with the colour of the walls. The design of the furniture facades was also designed for maximum coherence. The kitchen worktop ends with a side bar that represents the dining table, thus preserving the overall space.

The mature pine trees outside the window and the smell of the sea had a huge emotional impact – the interior reflects the philosophy of slow living, enjoying every moment. There are no small details or other visual noise to create a sense of fragility and transience. The furniture and chandeliers, with their fundamental shape and volume, perfectly fulfil their function in the interior – to create permanence in temporality.

Artwork has a special place in this interior. I can’t even imagine the interiors I create without paintings specially selected for them – art elevates the interior to another level, gives it aesthetic depth, and gives the people who live in it a spiritual foam.

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