Want to make sure that every euro you spend is spent efficiently? Then you really need an interior designer!

An interior designer’s job isn’t just about walking through showrooms and picking out pretty things. Interior design is a case-by-case, individual set of elements that make a space the best it can be for the people who live there. I see it as a special mission to create that unique home between the bare walls, floors and ceilings. The client brings to the first meeting his dream, his feeling, his image, his expectation – and the interior designer transforms it all into a harmonious whole, where every element counts: the space, the light, the composition, the colours. My mission as an interior designer is to create the maximum result with the tools I have.

I get incredible pleasure when, thanks to my efforts, creative and technical solutions, tight spaces, low or too high ceilings, narrow passages, disproportionate shapes of rooms are transformed into cosy homes. Well-planned functional areas, furniture and lighting solutions magically expand every square metre and turn what was just a grey cement cube into a comfortable living space for an experience-rich everyday life.

My interiors start with a long conversation: I find out about the expectations, inclinations and needs of the future inhabitants, I ask them about their hobbies, lifestyle, work, favourite colours. I ask them to tell me how they dream of feeling in their own home – do they like ideal cleanliness and clutter-free surfaces, or a bohemian environment full of accessories? Do you have expensive objects, furniture, souvenirs, artwork, or maybe equipment for a sport you practice that needs to find a place in your new home?

I strive for functionality and convenience first and foremost, and at the same time for originality and authenticity – I try not only to meet my clients’ expectations, but also to pleasantly surprise them by offering interior design solutions that they hadn’t thought of themselves.

Often my vision of how to make spaces more functional and comfortable differs from the standard layout. It’s great when clients approach me at the beginning of the construction process and I can plan the spaces in the empty space.

I’m inspired by the popular phrase “good taste doesn’t cost money” – I can assure you that on both a large and a limited budget (especially a limited one!), it’s worth considering professional interior design services. This investment is very likely to pay off during the installation phase, by avoiding mistakes and costly repairs, by thinking about the need and function of each item you buy, and later on, when for the same amount of money you will enjoy a home that is more comfortable, more stylish and more value for money.

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